UCSF VA Advanced Fellowship in Health Professions Education Evaluation and Research (HPEER).  This two-year non-ACGME fellowship is a fantastic opportunity for learners who are interested in Health Professions Education. Fellows receive high quality training and mentoring from faculty in the UCSF Center for Faculty Educators, participate in a wide range of teaching and curriculum development opportunities at UCSF, and have the option to apply to and complete a masters degree through the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley.  The fellowship provides 70-80% protected time for course and project work related to education and supports 20- 30% clinical time at the VA.


If you would like more information, please contact fellowship director Bridget O’Brien, PhD (bridget.obrien@ucsf) and see our website for details. https://meded.ucsf.edu/faculty-educators/faculty-development/advanced-education-programs/va-fellowship-health-professions-education-evaluation-and-research