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The Texas A&M College of Medicine is pleased to announce an employment opportunity for the Associate Dean for the Office of Evaluation and Assessment (OEA). The Associate Dean will be responsible for the scholarly evaluation of the medical school’s educational program and its outcomes, and will conduct evaluation activities in a manner that informs and supports continuous quality improvement and accreditation readiness.  He/she will work closely with educational leaders and staff, the curriculum committee, faculty teachers, and students, to ensure that curricula and assessment produce student achievement of programmatic learning objectives, and where they do not, to provide guidance for improvement.  


Job Duties:

Scholarly Evaluation (40%)

Develop, implement and oversee state-of-the-art and innovative programs, customized to The College of Medicine (COM), that  

  • Evaluate curricula content and delivery, both core and parallel, including but not limited to:
    • Curriculum Mapping (ensuring that the curriculum has sufficient coverage of content and skills related to programmatic learning objectives, to bridge gaps and reduce unplanned redundancies)
    • Course Organization and Structure 
    • Course Delivery and Teaching
    • All Courses, Clerkships, Electives, as well as the Pre-clerkship and Clinical Components, and Full 4-year Curriculum
    • Cross-cutting areas (e.g., inter-professional education, self-directed learning) 
    • Examines the effectiveness of the delivery and content of the medical school curriculum (i.e., process evaluation) for ensuring that students achieve the medical schools programmatic objectives (i.e., outcome evaluation). 
    • Ensure high-quality assessment of students’ achievement of programmatic objectives, through collaborative efforts with course and clerkship directors and other educational leaders, that includes:
      • Both formative and summative forms of assessment, sufficient to aid learning
      • Reliable and valid measures 
      • Examines the relationship between curricular or teaching changes and both short- and long-term student outcomes, and provides useful information regarding the success of curricular reform.  
      • Tracks comparability of curricula, delivery and learning across multiple campuses, and provides guidance for improvement when the comparability standard is not met.
      • Provides useful reports to curriculum leadership and faculty for designing or reforming curricula to improve student outcomes 
      • Utilizes both quantitative and qualitative data.

Work collaboratively with other academic units and academic leadership to ensure that all evaluation and assessment programs reflect the needs of these stakeholders

Supervise OEA staff implementing these programs and providing reports of evaluation work

Develop OEA systems for ensuring that the evaluation efforts are responsive to leadership and faculty needs

Continuous Quality Improvement (30%)

Ensure that all evaluation and assessment programs/methods comply with LCME and SACSCOC accreditation standards

Work collaboratively with other academic units to develop, implement, document, maintain, and enhance inter-unit systems that ensure accreditation compliance

Develop OEA quality assurance processes to ensure that data are safely collected and maintained, as well as to ensure that analytic reports reflect accurate data

Supervise OEA staff charged with monitoring and reporting LCME and/or SACSCOC accreditation compliance

Provide necessary documentation for LCME and SACSCOC during the accreditation process or upon demand

Educational Research and Consulting (10%)

Provide medical education research consultation which may include but is not limited to: research design, selection of methodology, survey/ instrument development, qualitative methods, analysis planning, assisting with interpretation of results/findings

Conduct medical education research (including designing protocols, data collection, and record maintenance) and disseminate findings through presentations and manuscripts

Supervise OEA staff charged with aspects of research consultation 

Additional Administrative Duties (15%)

Create and maintain a mission and vision for OEA; work with employees to establish goals to reach our mission and vision

Provide leadership for OEA including oversight/coordination of all activities/initiatives, associated employees, and new programs

Collaborate with the Vice Dean of Education and the members of the Office of Medical Education, as well as campus Associate Deans, Block leaders and other department entities to ensure quality services and support

Work with each OEA employee setting goals and maintaining records of accomplishments on an annual basis for evaluation

Monitor annual budget and ensure appropriate OEA budget records 

Oversee the development, revision, and maintenance of the OEA website, such that the OEA processes and activities are transparent to users of the OEA services

Provide editing/revision and review of materials for distribution and presentations, as needed

Serve on and/or provide consultation to educational committees, faculty, and administrative offices in the College of Medicine or for which a College of Medicine representative may be required

Other Duties as Assigned (5%)

Required Education:  

  • MD, PhD, or DO

 Preferred Experience:  

  • Five (5) years of related senior administrative experience in Medical Education
  • Experience in Evaluation & Assessment

 Other Requirements:

  • This position can be located in Bryan, Houston, Round Rock, or Temple, Texas
  • This position will require frequent travel to other Texas A&M University locations and College of Medicine Campuses

 Application Instructions: Please upload your CV, Cover Letter, contact information for 3 references, and any other relevant documentation.  Apply online at




  • Amy Waer, MD, FACS
    • Interim Dean, College of Medicine
    • Executive Dean for Education & Academic Programs
    • 979.436.0223
    • (Dr. Waer’s admin, Marlene Nichols)