To provide leadership in the development and establishment of evolving best practices in evaluation and assessment for the Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) Program and its associated faculty at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth. The Associate Dean for Evaluation and Assessment (ADEA) is responsible for tracking national/international trends and innovations in evaluation and assessment approaches, for effectively implementing assessment policies, procedures, and practices within UME, and (in close collaboration with the Medical Education Committee at Geisel) for ensuring that the UME Program is fully compliant with applicable LCME accreditation requirements concerning assessment and evaluation. Primary work consists of oversight of learner and course assessment(s) and program evaluation, including oversight for accreditation requirements, and the continued improvement of the curriculum for UME students. Is also integrally involved in partnering with Department of Medical Education and other relevant clinical faculty to facilitate research and scholarship efforts requiring assessment and evaluation data and analysis as applicable to pedagogical studies related to UME Programs. The ADEA reports to both the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education (SADME) and the Chair of the Department of Medical Education and works closely with other UMEassociate deans, course and clerkship directors, and the curriculum committees.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Provides subject matter expertise and leadership to support faculty and staff involved with the UME program in assessing learner outcomes and evaluation program effectiveness. 
  • Works with the MEC to evaluate outcome measures for the curriculum and develop data systems for documenting the effectiveness of teaching and learning.
  • Provides subject matter expertise and leadership in support of faculty research in the areas of medical education effectiveness and pedagogical innovation.
  • Consults with appropriate associate deans, in collaboration with the SADME and Chair, to ensure timely and constructive feedback on various aspects of curricular changes, course delivery, and of the UME program more broadly.
  • Provides oversight for the delivery, analysis, and reporting of all internal and external student examinations.


  • Oversees the UME evaluation and assessment program(s) and provides day-to-day supervision and oversight for the Director of Evaluation and Assessment. 
  • Works with the Director of Evaluation and Assessment, UME and Department leadership, and faculty to develop assessment plans for the longitudinal curriculum at Geisel, including the introduction and assessment/evaluation of core entrustable professional activities (EPAs).
  • Supports development of assessment instruments and regularly evaluates practices within the UME program and the Department of Medical Education, recommending changes as needed.
  • Maintains a comprehensive system of assessment data management and reporting through institutional platform(s). 


  • Works in collaboration with the Director of (LCME) Accreditation and Kern Programs and the Director of Assessment and Evaluation to ensure compliance with LCME regulations for student assessment and serves as the lead in preparing reports for accrediting agencies and internal stakeholders in coordination with UME faculty and staff leadership.
  • In collaboration with the Chair of the Department of Medical Education, the Director of Evaluation and Assessment , other UME associate deans, and UME/other appropriate faculty, supports the development of curriculum mapping and examination question banking to assure that program goals and objectives are adequately tracked, taught, and evaluated.

Educational Research and Scholarship 

  • Develops and leads a program of research with Department of Medical Education faculty on the impact of educational innovations and longitudinal curriculum outcomes.
  • Supports research and scholarly activities of Department of Medical Education faculty using assessment and evaluation data across the UME curriculum.
  • Collaborates with UME faculty on presentations and publications related to medical education scholarship.

Faculty Development

  • Works with the Chair of the Department of Medical Education and, when relevant, the Geisel Office of Faculty Affairs and Dartmouth-Hitchcock clinical departments in the development and implementation of faculty development programs for UME faculty focused on assessment and evaluation.


  • PhD, MD, EdD or relevant terminal degree
  • Meets criteria to hold faculty position at Geisel 
  • Demonstrated record of excellence and knowledge of learner assessment strategies and curriculum evaluation
  • Demonstrated record of excellence in the development of assessment tools and strategies
  • Commitment to keeping informed of best practices in evaluation and assessment strategies
  • Five years’ experience in medical education setting or equivalent in higher education setting
  • Experience working with faculty and staff at a local, regional, and national level on assessment and evaluation
  • Supervisory and budgetary experience
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to plan and prioritize work independently
  • Excellent computer skills and knowledge of a variety of software applications and central systems
  • High degree of initiative, tact, and diplomacy
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for effective interaction with diverse groups and individuals
  • Good judgment to handle sensitive and confidential matters