Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education

Procedures Manual

This manual is designed to help members of The Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education (SDRME) and particularly the Executive Committee deal with issues which need not be covered by the by-laws, but which will make SDRME run more smoothly. This procedures manual may be amended by the Executive Committee at their discretion, but it is expected that if the revisions are of direct consequence to the membership, they will be presented to the full membership before changes are made.

Duties of the President
The President has the overall responsibility for ensuring that SDRME functions effectively, and provides leadership for further SDRME development. In the event that the President is unable to perform any of the duties listed below, he/she is expected to delegate the responsibility to the President-elect.

  1. Act as spokesperson for SDRME in interactions in which a representative of SDRME is required, including liaison with National and Regional Associations connected with medical education, appropriate interviews with the media and other similar responsibilities.
  2. Oversee all operations of SDRME including the two membership meetings, Executive Committee meeting, and the work of committees. Decide, in consultation with the Executive Committee, on the location and time of the winter/spring meeting of the Executive Committee.
  3. Prepare agendas for and distribute in advance of the Executive and General SDRME meetings and chair SDRME and Executive Committee meetings.
  4. Remind the nominating chair when it's time to send out request for nominations. Facilitate the discussion of position assignment of the members nominated to the executive committee by the membership.
  5. In consultation with the Executive Committee, identify, appoint, and announce at the Fall meeting the chairs of the Membership, Nominating, International Committee, and Communication Committees.
  6. Assume the role of liaison with SDRME committees or appoint members of the Executive Committee to that role. The responsibility of the liaison is to work with the committee chair to ensure that the committee's tasks are accomplished including the appointment of members to each committee and request a report from each chair prior to the fall and summer Society meetings.
  7. Write to new members welcoming them to SDRME.
  8. Schedule time with the incoming president at the summer meeting to review tasks of the president and provide a summary of the ongoing issues. Provide electronic versions of all form letters required to fulfill the duties of the President.

Duties of the President-Elect
  1. Assume primary responsibility for all aspects of planning and coordinating the Annual Summer meeting and work closely with the President to oversee the meeting.
  2. Perform all duties assigned by the President.

Duties of the Past President
  1. Perform all duties assigned by the President.
  2. Provide guidance to the President and President-elect.

Duties of the Treasurer
  1. Remain as treasurer for at least two years as an option.
  2. Maintain up-to-date records of SDRME's checking and savings accounts.
  3. Prepare reports of SDRME's financial status and present them SDRME to the membership at the summer and fall meetings and all Executive Committee meetings. Make all check deposits and ensure credit card deposits are accounted for.
  4. Provide reimbursements and make payments for all expenses incurred by SDRME
  5. Ensure that appropriate 501c3 taxes are filed
  6. Assume fiscal responsibility for SDRME funds.
  7. Advise the Executive Committee on the financial health of SDRME, and, if necessary, suggest appropriate changes to dues or procedures.
  8. Oversee the transition of financial records and function to the next treasurer (including all records, SDRME credit card, and ensuring appropriate signatories of the president and treasurer are on the account).
  9. Ensure President and Treasurer have access to on-line credit card account password.
  10. Use on-line credit card mechanism for setting-up payment for summer meeting registration fees.

Duties of the Secretary
  1. Keep minutes of all meetings of SDRME and the Executive Committee and post them on the SDRME website.
  2. Prepare any changes to the procedures manual, by-laws or other SDRME documents, for submission to the Executive Committee and/or the membership, and to ensure that such changes are approved and distributed.
  3. Act as the liaison with the webmaster
  4. Work with Communications Chair to send out electronic ballot to all SDRME members. "Collect" and tally ballots and inform Executive Committee of the results.

Duties of Member-at-Large
  1. Serve as chair of the Invited Review Committee
  2. Conduct projects that are congruent with the mission of SDRME
  3. Accept duties as assigned by the President
  4. Participate in planning the fall business meeting and summer annual meeting.
  5. Represent the interests of the general membership

Duties of the Chair of the Communications Committee
  1. Provide technical expertise and counsel gained through practical experience in support of different electronic systems used to communicate among members and committees.
  2. Oversee the maintenance and enhancement of resources needed to communicate among SDRME members. These resources include but are not limited to the organizational website, group communications systems and communications archival systems.
  3. Appoint a member of the committee to maintain a historical record of SDRME activities including meeting locations and dates held and significant changes in the mission of SDRME.
  4. Maintain the listserv and post all documents regarding SDRME's activities to the SDRME website.
  5. Provide a written report of the committee's activities to the President prior to the Summer and Fall meetings and present the report to the members at the summer and fall business meetings.

Duties of the Chair of the Membership Committee
  1. Disseminate information about SDRME to prospective members
  2. Suggest changes to the membership application forms or to the process by which membership is approved, for consideration by the Executive Committee.
  3. With the other members of the Membership Committee, make recommendations to the Executive Committee concerning new members within a month of making a decision
  4. Keep track of those eligible for Emeritus Membership, and provide a review of the careers of such individuals for consideration by the Executive Committee.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date membership database of Regular, Emeritus, and Ex-officio SDRME members. This directory will be updated, at a minimum, after each meeting of the Executive Committee at which new members are approved. Yearly, the membership will be asked to review the roster as posted on the web and to send any corrections or additions to Communication Committee chair.
  6. Assign a member of the committee the responsibility to:
    1. Establish and/or maintain on-line credit card mechanism for membership payments and provide Treasurer with updates of all payments made using this mechanism (by whom and how much).
    2. Send out membership renewal letter in early fall and follow-up with reminders so that dues are paid by the fall annual meeting.
    3. Update membership database as payments are made.
    4. Provide report prior to the summer and fall meeting to the Membership Committee Chair regarding payment of membership dues including any members whose dues payments are in arrears for three years.
  7. Provide a written report of the committee's activities to the President prior to the Summer and Fall meetings and present the report to the members at the bi-annual business meetings.

Duties of the Chair of the Nominating Committee
  1. Develop a list of regular members of SDRME who would be suitable to hold office in SDRME who have been a member of SDRME for at least two years and do not currently hold office on the Executive Committee.
  2. Contact those individuals to determine whether they would be prepared to stand for election to the Executive Committee.
  3. Submit to the Executive Committee in the spring of each year, the names of nominees who have agreed to stand for election to the Executive Committee. Normally there will be at least one more nominee than the number of vacant positions.

Duties of the Chair of International Membership
  1. Seek membership in SDRME from directors of offices of medical education located outside North America.
  2. Process membership applications from International Affiliate members working with the committee to determine who should become an International Affiliate Member and inform the Executive Committee of these decisions
  3. Update the membership database with any new international affiliate members and deleting those whose membership has terminated.
  4. Send an annual personalized email to all international members asking them by return email to
    1. Indicate they are still eligible for membership in SDRME (criteria will be included) and still interested in continuing as a member for the coming year (and, if not, to suggest another member from their institution);
    2. Verify that the web-based directory listing of their contact information is correct and, if necessary, send corrections to the Chair of the Communications Committee
  5. Launch a search to find a replacement person at an institution where a member fails to respond to the yearly update and update contact information in the membership list.
  6. Provide a written report of the committee's activities to the President prior to the Summer and Fall meetings and present the report to the members at the bi-annual business meetings.

Duties of the Chair of the Invited Review Committee
  1. Distribute the Call for Invited Review Research Review Proposals in accordance with the Invited Review Guidelines.
  2. Receive Invited Research Review Proposal submissions.
  3. Distribute submissions to Invited Review Committee members for their evaluation and ranking.
  4. Collaborate with the Invited Review Committee members on selection of a proposal for funding.
  5. Communicate with persons submitting reviews the outcome of the selection.
  6. Communicate with the Executive Committee the proposal selected for funding and announce the winner(s) at the fall business meeting.

Selection and Duties of the SDRME Representative to the Council of Academic Societies
  1. The Executive Committee shall appoint one member of SDRME to act as a representative to the Council of Academic Societies (CAS). It is highly desirable that this representative serve at least a three-year term and longer if possible. SDRME will provide registration and travel expenses for the representative to attend the mid-year meeting of CAS. In making the selection, the Executive Committee will consider the following criteria: knowledge of SDRME, knowledge of the field of medical education, respect of colleagues in SDRME and medical education, communication skills, likelihood of fulfilling a multi-year term, and membership in SDRME.
  2. The representative will be responsible for communicating the relevant issues and information from CAS to the Executive Committee and to the SDRME membership on a regular basis via e-mail.
  3. Provide a written report of CAS's activities to the President prior to the Summer and Fall meetings and present the report to the members at the fall and summer business meetings.

Election to the Executive Committee
Nominations should be solicited from the membership at large by the Nominating Committee. Self-nominations in general should be allowed. To avoid any conflict of interest, no members of the Nominating Committee can be considered for Executive Committee positions while they are serving on Nominating Committee .The Chair of the Nominating Committee will confer with Executive Committee during the selection of nominees. The Executive Committee will approve the ballot before it is distributed to SDRME members to cast their votes.

When the nominations for office have been supplied to the Executive Committee from the Chair of the nominations committee, the Secretary of SDRME will distribute the ballot electronically to the membership prior to the winter meeting of the Executive Committee. The election will be conducted by l ballot, with a period of no less than two weeks in which ballots are to be returned. The Secretary will oversee the election and announce the results to the Executive Committee. In the event of a tie, the President will choose the new committee member. The Secretary will announce to the membership only the names of those elected; no information about margins or the existence of ties will be communicated. The executive committee decides positions for election winners

General procedures for meetings
  1. All meetings will be chaired by the President of SDRME.
  2. An agenda will be prepared in advance and circulated to those eligible to attend the meeting.
  3. In the absence of any other requirement of the by-laws, all votes shall be determined by a simple majority. In the event of a tied vote, the President, who will not vote in the initial ballot, has the deciding vote.

Executive Committee
  1. The Executive Committee will meet annually face-to-face or by conference call in winter/spring. Face-to-face meetings will be held at a location convenient to the members of the Committee but ultimately selected by the President.
  2. Face-to-face meetings will last 1-2 days, and will deal with all aspects of the operation of SDRME, but will focus on planning the summer meeting.
  3. Transportation costs to attend this meeting, accommodation, and reasonable expenses shall be paid by SDRME.

Summer Meeting
  1. SDRME shall hold a summer meeting that includes both academic and informal networking opportunities.
  2. The Executive Committee will meet separately before the general meeting begins.
  3. There will be a business meeting of SDRME held on the first afternoon or as early in the meeting.
  4. At the business meeting, new members will be introduced, and invited to give a slightly more extended introduction to their office and its functions.

Fall meeting
  1. A meeting of SDRME shall be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges.
  2. The format is flexible, but the present arrangement is as follows: It will be held the evening of the first Sunday of the AAMC meeting in or close to one of the AAMC Conference Hotels. The cost of refreshments will be subsidized by SDRME as the budget permits.
  3. The Executive Committee will meet prior to the general meeting of SDRME, at a place and time convenient to the members of that Committee