Society of Directors of Research in Medical Education

Membership Criteria

Categories of members in the SDRME are:
  1. Regular Members
  2. Emeritus Members
  3. Ex-officio Members, and
  4. International Affiliate Members.

Because the purpose of the organization is for the director or head of a unit, membership in the organization is by individual, not by organization. While there are institutional conditions that are necessary for membership consideration, only the director or head of the unit is granted membership. The complete statement of membership conditions is included in Article III in the bylaws.

The essential institutional elements for Regular Members are:
  1. The unit must have a functional role in an accredited allopathic or osteopathic medical school. The unit's role must have institutional scope with responsibility for medical education research in the school.
  2. The unit must stand as a recognizable, coherent, organizational identity within the institution.
  3. It must be identified as conducting research in undergraduate medical education.
  4. There must be clear authority and primary responsibility for the research conducted within the unit, whether or not the unit involves multiple administrative lines.
  5. There must be identifiable medical education research facility. The director must be actively involved in medical education research.

Please contact Dr. Hugh Stoddard (information below) if you are interested in applying for a regular membership.

The essential elements for International Affiliate Members are:
  1. Individuals responsible for medical education research in medical schools outside North America may become an SDRME international affiliate member.
  2. Criteria for acceptance of international affiliate members are that they be a director of a medical education unit with responsibility for medical education research in their school. Applicants are not subject to formal review by the Membership Committee; rather, acceptance is based upon an informal review by the Chair of the International Committee.

Please contact Dr. Jennifer Gibson (information below) if you are interested in applying for international membership.

Membership Chair
Hugh A. Stoddard, M.Ed., Ph.D.
Assistant Dean for Medical Education Research
Emory University School of Medicine
100 Woodruff Circle, P-378
Atlanta, GA 30322
phone: (404) 727-8451

International Membership Chair
Jennifer W. Gibson, PhD
Director, Office of Medical Education
1430 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112
phone: (504) 988-6600
fax: (504) 988-6601

Maria Alejandra Blanco, Ed.D.
Associate Dean for Faculty Development
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Tufts University School of Medicine
Office of Educational Affairs
136 Harrison Ave., Sackler 321
Boston, MA 02111
phone: (617) 636-6588
fax: (617) 636-0894